Btrieve Commander - Development history

Date Version Change
14/05/12 1.00.131 Fix key range restriction on an autoinc key segment.
05/09/03 1.00.100 Restrict string field entry to the maximum allowed length rather than rejecting too long strings when pressing Enter.
04/12/02 1.00.098 Fix editing of 32 bit integers, broken in 1.00.97
04/12/02 1.00.097 Fix support for 64 bit integers.
04/09/01 1.00.092 Fix importing variable length records from CSV.
06/07/01 1.00.091 Fix decimal places for fields of Decimal type. Was always showing 2 regardless of what the DDF specifed.
20/06/01 1.00.090 Make DDF path configurable on command line with -d switch.
20/06/01 1.00.090 Disable Goto Key function when viewing unsorted (it can't work and would sometimes crash).
20/06/01 1.00.090 Don't show calculated fields in the Create Index dialog as they can't actually be indexed.
20/05/01 1.00.089 Change expiry date to September 2001.
20/05/01 1.00.089 Fix comparison for ranges on decending key segments.
09/02/01 1.00.088 Change expiry date to June 2001.
09/02/01 1.00.088 Change spaces in field names to _'s so expression parser can understand them.
06/12/00 1.00.087 Change expiry date to March 2001.
06/12/00 1.00.087 When importing a CSV string field that's longer than the target field, chop it rather than discarding it altogether.
23/06/00 1.00.086 Change expiry date to December 2000.
23/06/00 1.00.086 Add LTRIM & RTRIM functions.
19/04/00 1.00.085 Add UCASE function.
25/03/00 1.00.085 Add export to text file function.
16/03/00 1.00.084 Change expiry date to September 2000.
02/03/00 1.00.084 Allow VAL function to evaluate an expression instead of just a number.
09/02/00 1.00.084 Make it a little harder to accidently empty the file with Alt-Y by defaulting to 'Cancel' choice.
20/12/99 1.00.084 Improvements to index details display, indicates repeating duplicate index.
15/12/99 1.00.083 Ignore fields who's data size is 0. Pervasive SQL puts in such fields to describe index segments.
14/12/99 1.00.083 Add function to dislplay index details from the Choose Index dialog.
26/11/99 1.00.082 Change expiry date to June 2000.
24/11/99 1.00.082 OS/2 & Win32: Load btrieve DLL at run time to avoid OS popup errors if there's no btrieve installed.
24/11/99 1.00.082 Remove redundant record count display in main dialog when importing a SAV file.
24/11/99 1.00.082 Remove incorrect error message when an export is cancelled.
24/11/99 1.00.082 Fix importing of variable length SAV records.
3/11/99 1.00.081 Add progress indicator bar for importing of records.
3/11/99 1.00.081 Make 'Skip All' option work when importing SAV records.
30/9/99 1.00.080 Enhanced hex editor.
23/9/99 1.00.079 Hex viewer changed to hex editor.
19/8/99 1.00.078 After using +/- keys in record view, formatting was not right.
10/8/99 1.00.078 Fix OS/2 clipboard support, broken in 1.00.77
10/8/99 1.00.078 If a calculated field used the SUM() function, all subsequent fields would fail to display.
27/7/99 1.00.077 Enable OS/2 clipboard support to work without clipserv.exe
25/7/99 1.00.077 Add "Browse" button to Import and Export dialogs.
23/7/99 1.00.076 Autosave of view to %TMP directory, reload with Shift-F3
21/7/99 1.00.075 Add SUM function. Adds up a set of fields specified by a filter string.
16/7/99 1.00.074 Converting a string to an unsigned integer type would lock up BTC.
2/7/99 1.00.073 Bump expiry month to December.
2/7/99 1.00.073 When creating a file with case insensitive index segments use the case insensitive flag instead of 'UPPER' ACS.
25/6/99 1.00.072 Add File Open / Save As dialogs to load / save view functions. Note: the file dialogs are newly written components so may have some bugs in their behaviour.
25/6/99 1.00.072 Allow dates with year less than 100 to be entered if year is given with 4 digits.
25/6/99 1.00.072 Add == operator to do case sensitive string comparison.
27/5/99 1.00.071 Fix bug in Import function: when CSV contains an unrecognized field name data would be imported incorrectly.
27/5/99 1.00.070 Fix glitch in DOS version where Insert didn't work in Filter field.
8/5/99 1.00.069 Report error if Alt-Y Empty File function fails.
8/5/99 1.00.069 Support Alt-O open options when creating a join.
3/5/99 1.00.068 Report btrieve errors that occur during an export
13/4/99 1.00.068 Prevent use of Edit in Manage joins from crashing if no joins exist.
13/4/99 1.00.068 Fix hot keys in Manage Joins.
13/4/99 1.00.068 Bump expiry month to September.
13/4/99 1.00.067 Sort order and restrictions failed to load from a saved view.
23/3/99 1.00.067 Allow scientific notation in numeric constants.
23/3/99 1.00.067 Adjust size of field selection box.
7/3/99 1.00.066 Added join names, allowing multiple joins to the same file to work properly.
7/3/99 1.00.066 Changed record list view to use two line column headings, the extra line for join name.
7/3/99 1.00.066 When creating a join, the default join value will now find matching field names in fields of other joined files.
5/3/99 1.00.065 Added join management, allows join create, modify, delete functions.
3/3/99 1.00.064 Join fields would show junk values if previous record had an invalid foreign key.
3/3/99 1.00.064 Fixed "Expression has incompatible type" errors when using a join field in a second join.
1/3/99 1.00.063 Added ability to join to other files.
26/2/99 1.00.063 Added LEN, POS and CHOP functions.
21/2/99 1.00.062 Revamped expression help screen.
21/2/99 1.00.062 Added power operator ^ .
21/2/99 1.00.062 More functions: ABS, TODAY, ROUND
20/2/99 1.00.062 More functions: LEFT, MID and RIGHT string slicing functions.
20/2/99 1.00.062 Added progress indicator to 'Searching' message.
19/2/99 1.00.062 Added two functions to expression evaluator: VAL() converts a string to a number, STR() converts any type to a string.
15/2/99 1.00.061 Revamped main help screen.
15/2/99 1.00.061 Added new function 'Empty file' (Alt-Y).
13/2/99 1.00.060 Report errors reading field.ddf
13/2/99 1.00.060 When restricting by key range the default value for fields left blank was incorrect for descending index segments. This caused no records to be selected if a descending segment was the first left blank.
13/2/99 1.00.060 Precision and range of total values (when using ALT-T) was limited to that of the field being totalled. All totals are now calculated using 80 bit floats and rounded to doubles (64 bit) for display.
12/2/99 1.00.060 Add support for 10 byte floating point fields (IEEE 80 bit extended real format, as used by Borland for long doubles).
7/2/99 1.00.060 Make file chooser height dynamic dependent on screen height.
1/2/99 1.00.060 Add Ctrl-Home/End to move horizontally to the start/end of the field list.
1/2/99 1.00.060 Cosmetic improvements to Field Selection dialog.
31/1/99 1.00.059 Fix minor memory corruption when adding a calculated field.
31/1/99 1.00.059 Add help line to Sort By dialog.
31/1/99 1.00.059 Allow negative (and therefore left justified) field widths on calculated fields.
30/1/99 1.00.059 Corrected handling of alternate collating sequences other than "UPPER".
29/1/99 1.00.058 Added 'Skip All' choice to the Import function's error dialog which causes all further errors to be ignored.
28/1/99 1.00.058 Fix behaviour when attempting to modify an unsigned integer to a negative value.
28/1/99 1.00.058 Add support for Decimal type (Btrieve type 5).
27/1/99 1.00.057 Fix some bugs in the Create Index function.
27/1/99 1.00.056 Rearrange a few function keys.
26/1/99 1.00.055 Add index to a file using <Insert> in Alt-S - Sort By dialog.
17/1/99 1.00.054 Support local date formats instead of always using European format.
14/1/99 1.00.053 When copying a record with Ctrl-Insert, set any AutoInc fields to 0 so they can be assigned a new value by Btrieve.
13/1/99 1.00.052 Fix use of Insert in Modify All.
13/1/99 1.00.052 Fix a memory leak in list boxes.
8/1/99 1.00.051 Seeking to a field name by typing its first few characters would cause a crash (v1.00.50 only).
5/1/99 1.00.050 Behave properly on files with no indexes (uses unsorted mode).
5/1/99 1.00.050 Drop index from sort menu using <Delete>
5/1/99 1.00.050 Handle files with non-contiguous index numbers.
5/1/99 1.00.050 If BTC was exited from the DDF path selection dialog the cursor would be left turned off and in the middle of the screen.
21/12/98 1.00.050 Add field data type info to field selector.
15/12/98 1.00.049 Fix comparison with negative integer fields.
15/12/98 1.00.048 Fixed error introduced in 1.00.47 that broke restrictions by key range.
15/12/98 1.00.047 Index structure is now loaded from the btrieve file instead of index.ddf (except when creating a file) so the Alt-S dialog will list the indexes the file actually has instead of what the dictionary says it should.
12/12/98 1.00.046 After adding a calculated field any inserts or modifies would give "Data Buffer Length Error".
12/12/98 1.00.045 Added extra function keys to get around Doorway limitations. In field selection list, Alt-A/N for All/None. Alt-C for copy record (Ctrl-Insert).
26/11/98 1.00.044 Fix 20 character limit on path to file.
22/11/98 1.00.043 Change expiry date to July 1999
6/11/98 1.00.042 Modify All didn't work with 4 byte integer fields, would always give 'Incompatible Type' error.
1/11/98 1.00.042 DOS version can now work with screen sizes other than 80x25 like OS/2 and Win32 can.
21/10/98 1.00.041 Fixed +/- keys in record view.
20/10/98 1.00.040 More DDF search fixes.
14/10/98 1.00.039 Cleaned up Import dialog a bit.
14/10/98 1.00.039 Default DDFPATH should now always work in DOS version.
14/10/98 1.00.039 Changed operator help to reflect change in ~= operator
28/9/98 1.00.038 Changed ~= operator to take a wildcard expression instead of a simple substring.
28/9/98 1.00.038 Choosing a sort key longer than 64 bytes would cause BTC to crash.
28/9/98 1.00.037 Fixed bug that caused crashes after using Alt-S to change sort order.
28/9/98 1.00.036 Fixed help screen messed up in 1.00.35.
28/9/98 1.00.036 When filtering records, pressing ESC can be use to force BTC to stop.
28/9/98 1.00.035 When filtering records a "Searching..." pop-up displays while skipping records.
28/9/98 1.00.035 Added Import CSV/SAV file, Alt-I. Stats are now on F5.
25/9/98 1.00.034 Added 'F2 - Save View' and 'F3 - Load View'. View info is saved in a file with the same name and path as the data file but with the extension BTC.
21/9/98 1.00.033 Field width and decimal places is now modifiable via the Alt-F Field Selection dialog. Pressing ENTER on a field pops up a field settings dialog.
13/9/98 1.00.032 Enabled seeking to field names in dialogs by typing the first few characters of the name.
13/9/98 1.00.031 Sort order selector would display garbage if list of key segments totalled more than 78 characters.
10/9/98 1.00.030 On exiting from the record list view to the file list after starting BTC with a file name on the command line, the cursor will be positioned on the specified file.
9/9/98 1.00.029 Insert a new record like the current one using Ctrl-Insert.
8/9/98 1.00.028 Built in calculator now uses dynamic formatting for floating point results instead of a fixed 2 decimal places.
8/9/98 1.00.028 Changed representation of literal dates and times in expressions. They should now be enclosed in single quotes, as in '8/9/98'. Anything enclosed in double quotes is a literal string.
8/9/98 1.00.028 Modify all would not change all records if the modification changed the record's position in index 0
8/9/98 1.00.028 Fixed date comparisons in expressions.
4/9/98 1.00.027 File selector top line now shows path to file.ddf so you know which ddfs are being used.
4/9/98 1.00.027 Confirmation added before doing modify all.
4/9/98 1.00.027 Pressing ESC from record list exits back to file list even if started with a filename on the command line. Alt-X can be used for immediate exit.
4/9/98 1.00.027 On exit, now leaves text cursor at the bottom of the screen.
4/9/98 1.00.027 Better display of extremely large or small floating point values in record view and export. Scientific notation is now used if necessary.
2/9/98 1.00.026 Now works correctly if a file name with path is specified on command line.
2/9/98 1.00.026 If no extension on file name given on command line, default to DAT.
2/9/98 1.00.026 No longer limits floats to 2 decimal places in record view or export.
1/9/98 1.00.025 Added Open Options dialog.
1/9/98 1.00.024 Added "Unsorted" mode.
1/9/98 1.00.024 Exporting SAV of a variable length record didn't work correctly.
1/9/98 1.00.024 Fixed problem with string range restrictions.

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