v2.0 for OS/2

Apache HTTP Server v2.0 was released for general availability on the 5th April 2002. The OS/2 distribution ZIP includes a standard install tree (no source). The source can be downloaded from http://httpd.apache.org/. The build supports loadable modules though it should be noted that modules built for v1.3.x will not work with it. Look for the LoadModule directives in the httpd.conf file to see what's included.

With Apache Server v2.0 comes a serious reorganization of code that makes it much easier to take full advantage of a platform's features, especially non-unix platforms like OS/2. The OS/2 specific enhancements that have been implemented in Apache v2.0 include

Comments, questions and bug reports can be sent to bjh@apache.org or posted to the Apache for OS/2 mailing list.

Available Modules

Module Description Project Home Page OS/2 Port by
PHP4 PHP Hypertext Processor, a popular scripting language for producing dynamic web pages http://www.php.net/ Brian Havard
mod_caucho Resin Java Servelet Engine http://www.caucho.com/ Max Stempfhuber