for OS/2 with mod_ssl

Due to popular demand I've had a go at building an SSL capable version of Apache for OS/2. Unfortunately it's not possible to create a mod_ssl.dll that can be loaded into the regular version of Apache as it also requires additions to the Apache core to work. An entire distribution is necessary. The binary I've built consists of the following components.

Note: A server certificate is required to run this SSL server but no method for creating them are provided in this binary. If you already have these then you should be fine. To make one you'll need openssl.exe (467kB). The FAQ section of the mod_ssl manual explains how to make a certificate. There is also a set of REXX scripts written by Zdenek Wagner available at SSL Keys and Certificates via Rexx.

Download Apache for OS/2 with mod_ssl (ZIP 4.5MB, tar.bz2 3.0MB).

The changes to the Apache core extend the module API in a way that may cause modules built for the regular Apache core to crash. To work properly all modules must be built to use the extendend API (EAPI) so I'm making available EAPI versions of some modules.

If you need to build the OpenSSL library yourself, see Building OpenSSL on OS/2


As the export of encryption software is restricted by US law I can't make some of these files available from www.apache.org and my own site has limited bandwidth so mirrors are needed. So far I have 2

Site Location Maintainer
http://www.os2site.com/sw/unixport/internet/apachessl/ Melbourne, Australia Ian Manners
http://hroch486.icpf.cas.cz/apachessl/ Czech Republic Zdenek Wagner